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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Experiment #0361: Part 1

*to experiment: (v) to conduct a test or trial in order to study what happens and gain new knowledge

The Books - Take Time (The Lemon of Pink, 2003)

The Books - It Never Changes to Stop (Lost and Safe, 2005)
[actually it doesn't take any time at all to fall in love with The Books]
[it just happens instantaneously]
[right from the first chord strums]
[or the first words uttered by that Italian guy]
["tutto e santo! tutto e santo!"]
[and once it happens it never changes to stop]

Anathallo - Nonias Field (2008)
[now here's a band that comes with guitars and flutes and cellos and drums and all the usual things]
[aaand they come with stomp boxes and chains and pipes and Velcro strips]
[yes, Velcro strips]
[look for more of their songs]

Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Open Field (Blues Du Jour, 2003)
[it means "Hurrying to the spoil, he has made haste to the plunder"]
[in Japanese, of course! Duh!]
[I think they really do live in an open field]
[...but with a window]

Le Loup - We Are Gods! We Are Wolves! (
The Throne of the Third Heaven..., 2007)
Le Loup - Planes Like Vultures (The Throne of the Third Heaven..., 2007)
[all too soon we’ve come to bloom]
[blown about in dusty rivers]
[and pointed skywards, scrape the heavens]
[should we end before we’re shriven?]
[and call the names that we’ve been given?]
[grown in cities long since abandoned]
[blown to pieces and thrown at random]
[this is what we see while standing]
[long before the thought of landing:]
[oh, this world was made for ending]
[oh, this world was made for ending]
[oh, this world was made for ending]
[oh, this world was made for ending]

PDF Format - We Shall Eat Krill (2008)
[they're cool]
[they have a manifesto and all]
[something about being awesome, fearing nothing and damaging nobody]
[or was it fearing nobody and damaging nothing?]
[it sounded much better when I was reading about it, I swear]
[damn I'm not doing a good job promoting them, huh?]
[they're cool! really!]

Descartes a Kant - Dolce (Paper Dolls, 2008)
Descartes a Kant - Maniqui Bordello (Paper Dolls, 2008)
[help! Someone just caught the Happy Tree Friends, shoved them in a pot, put them on fire and melt them into
[...or maybe I was just switching channels between the Teletubbies and hardcore porn]
[I feel dizzy]
[switch switch switch switch]
[-to punk to jazz to indie to swing -]
[- to garage to screams to caramelized notes -]
[- to sheer noise to a whispered word to no more fucking breath.]