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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My grandmother bought me the full Jesus action figure set!

And sometimes we play crispy Christian tea time with barbies, tea and toast
And my friend brings his talking version of God and a full Buddhist lego set.
Did you know that my grandmother bought me the full Jesus action figure set?

And when we play crispy Christian tea time I like to be the president.

And if you don't like my games you should definitely just run away,
Because otherwise you'll burn in flames
It's my world even if I'm insane

(The Robot Ate Me - Crispy Christian Tea Time)
And make sure to watch the amazing video for this song!


FridaDoraKahlo said...

Haha I love watching mr George Walker Bush on this video!
Nice playlist!! Now I'm downloading The Lisps and some other songs that I didn't know.
But I don't really feel like listening to music right now, so you're gonna excuse me dear. DEAL?? of course.

Eliza K. said...

hm... I love watching the dog, actually :) DEAL.