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Sunday, April 6, 2008

21 Love Songs: A Tribute to the Magnetic Fields

21 Love Songs

1. Yeah Oh Yeah! - monica y carlos
2. Busby Berkeley Dreams - the american icons of rebellion
3. Time Enough For Rocking When We're Old - evripidis and his tragedies
4. When The Open Road Is Closing In - iji
5. I Think I Need A New Heart - steinbeck
6. The Desperate Things You Made Me Do - microfilm
7. All My Little Words - abrevadero
8. 100,000 Fireflies - secret owl society
9. I Don't Believe You - tinyfolk
10. Living In An Abandoned Firehouse With You - manipulator alligator
11. Why I Cry - fairmount fair
12. Crazy For You But (Not That Crazy) - james eric
13. Born On A Train - the brooke (a tiny ocean)
14. I Don't Want To Get Over You - redbear.
15. Reno Dakota - porches
16. You & Me & The Moon - a lime tree
17. Plant White Roses - existential hero
18. I Don't Believe You - fire island ak
19. Josephine - spare machine
20. Come Back From San Francisco - s. joe hazelwood
21. Absolutely Cuckoo - your yellow dress

Bonus Tracks

The Go-Pills - Queen Of The Savages
James Eric - The Way You Say Goodnight
Charlie Sullivan - All My Little Words

And a few of our own favourites

!!! - Take Ecstasy With Me
Astrud - With Whom To Dance

Download the entire album for free here.


Regis said...

hello. this link is offline... could you upload this album again??? thank you very very much... and greetings from são paulo. :)))

Steven B. said...

Hey, the link was directly from their own site... but I'll try and upload it myself asap!

Steven B. said...

Sorry, the file's too big to upload to our server! I'll add a few separate songs from it instead and will re-post it.