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Friday, March 21, 2008


Wanted: single f, under 33, must enjoy the sun must enjoy the sea. Sought by single m, Mrs. Destiny. Send photo to address, is it you and me?

Reply to single m: My name is Caroline, cell phone number here - call if you have the time. 28 and bored, grieving over loss. Sorry to be heavy, but heavy is the cost. Heavy is the cost.

Reply to Caroline: thanks so much for response. These things can be scary, not always what you want. How about a drink? This ancient club at noon? I'll phone you first I guess, I hope I see you soon.

I never got your name, I assume you're 33. Your voice it sounded kind, I hope that you like me. When you see my face, I hope that you don't laugh, I'm not a film star beauty, I'll send a photograph. I hope that you don't laugh.

Note to single m: Why did you not show up? I waited for an hour, I finally gave up. I thought once that I saw you, I thought that you saw me, I guess we'll never meet now it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't mean to be, I was sure you saw me, but it wasn't meant to be.

Wanted: single f Under 33 must enjoy the sun must enjoy the sea sought by single m nothing too heavy send photo to address is it you or me?
Is it you or me?

Stars - Personal

Taken from the rather brilliant In Our Bedroom After The War (2007)


Anonymous said...

i like it very much....and thanks for the music